Algae Slime and Tree Shadow


Mixture of Murk and Shadow and vibrant algae.


New Direction, Murky


As murky as a muddy pond growing algae, my life has taken a new direction, again. I have returned to Missouri. I am no longer a California girl. Who am I now? I am not certain and that is okay. The picture above accurately reflects the moment I am in. It’s pretty, but unclear. Bear with me as I release more photography and poetry as I dive through the murk.


Worth It

Today a neighbor made our day!

I was working on the roses. With hopes of preventing an outbreak, I was pulling off a few leaves with red rust spots. She was so polite and waited for me to see her so I didn’t startle too bad.

She told me that her kids loved our garden and were talking about it a lot, so she made a point to check it out.

What she said next stunned me. She said her daughter had drawn out a plan for their new home they were moving to. (Whoa!!! How cool. I did, too. 🙂  The place they were in now wasn’t good as the owner was particular about the grass. “But,” she said, “This new place is ours, we can do whatever we want. This is a perfect project, the kids can paint the boxes. Your garden is inspiring.”

holy moly. Day=MADE